Books, Writers and Stories Oh My!- A Day at The Lone Star Ink Writers Conference

  I spent a day at the  Lone Star Ink Writers Conference here in Dallas this weekend. It was a delightful mix of sessions for many genres with all levels of writers gathered to learn craft and develop community.     The best treat of all was the venue- it was held in a Public … Continue reading Books, Writers and Stories Oh My!- A Day at The Lone Star Ink Writers Conference

Writing Where Dogs and Health Care Meet

I tell dog stories. For as long as I can remember I have been reading and telling dog stories. Now I write stories about dogs , the human-animal connection, and animal assisted therapy at the intersection of animals and human health. As a masters level registered nurse, Certified Professional in Health Care Quality and a … Continue reading Writing Where Dogs and Health Care Meet

Hey Fluffy, it’s cold out there: Cold weather pet tips

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Just ask Fido and Fluffy, its getting cold. Your pets know it’s getting colder. At our house,my golden retriever Junior nowlikes to find sunny spots to curl up and dream of his rubber duckie and swimming at summer camp.
( I think he also wants a Latte, and a new Stephen King book to read, but that’s another blog post)

photo credit: tonx via photopin cc photo credit: tonx via photopincc

Here inTexas ,we think about keeping our pets safe in the Texas heat , but cold weather can also be a risk to our best friends.

Here are some tips for winter weather for your pets:

1) Keep pets inside.

Keep your pets inside during cold weather. While some breeds are more suited for cold weather, dogs and cats should not be left outside in below freezing weather for long periods. Rearrange sleeping areas for cozy warmth and provide additional blankets if necessary.


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How therapy dogs teach generosity

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What  does it mean to be  generous?

When adults want to help their children understand the joy of giving, they often discover that generosity is an abstract concept that can be difficult to describe. Watching a therapy dog at work can make generosity come to life and become real and tangible.

Seeing animals serve people, we all can learn lessons in generosity through the up close and personal work of a human-animal therapy dog team. People, especially children,relate to animals. We can reach out and touch a friendly therapy dog. Because therapy animals can’t use words they demonstrate rather than tell us things about generosity and giving back in service:

1) Anyone  can be generous even a dog.

2) Giving to others can be fun and feels good.
Kids can tell therapy animals enjoy their work.

3) Giving your time to someone is a good gift.
A therapy dog is…

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Sit, Stay, Serve: The Road From Rescue Dog to Therapy Dog

  Wondering if your rescue dog has a calling as a therapy or Reading  Assistance Dog ? For many human handlers and their rescued pooches, the benefits of volunteering together in animal assisted activity is a life changing experience. Therapy dogs and their human partners bring comfort and cheer to those who may need it.  Walk down … Continue reading Sit, Stay, Serve: The Road From Rescue Dog to Therapy Dog

Why is Losing a Pet So Hard? Disenfranchised Grief

(This post was previously posted on Why is losing a pet so hard? For many of us, pets are family. They love us unconditionally. Grief is a normal response. But sometimes loss of a pet involves disenfranchised grief, a loss that is not acknowledged by society. We must often grieve our pets in secret. … Continue reading Why is Losing a Pet So Hard? Disenfranchised Grief

Too Many Georges? How Junior Got His Name

Every rescued dog has stories to tell. This is Junior, my rescued golden retriever's, favorite. Junior, my therapy dog partner, started his golden retriever days alone, locked most of his first year of life in a crate . At eleven months old, he was sent to a shelter. He was rejected for adoption three times … Continue reading Too Many Georges? How Junior Got His Name

The Trip Before The Storm: No Dog Left Behind

This is part of an article first published in Fido Friendly Online Magazine: No Dog Left Behind June 2011. It was awarded second place in the national No Dog Left Behind Essay contest.   They are the days you never forget. Their images are burned in your heart forever. In September 2008, we were scheduled … Continue reading The Trip Before The Storm: No Dog Left Behind

Ten Unforgettable Books That Make Me Hug My Dog

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The Daily Junior staff loves a dig-gone good book. The Daily Junior picks some favorite reads

Every time I read the book OldYeller, my dog Junior knows to snuggle up close to me and make sure he has tissues handy.

If you have ever read this classic dog book, you know what I mean.

Two of my favorite things are books and dogs.I have been reading and telling dog stories ever since I can remember.

Every Spring, Junior and I have a ritual. I go to my bookshelf and select three books from the stack of all my time favorite dog books. As I read, I am inspired by my dog heroes and I reach down and hug my favorite golden retriever in appreciation.

I love to read  books to Junior. He is such a great listener. If you haven’t  yet discovered to joy of reading aloud to a dog, it is time to try it. Dogs…

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