I tell dog stories.

For as long as I can remember I have been reading and telling dog stories. I grew up believing that a girl and her dog could save the world. After working over 30 years in health care, I discovered I was right .

Now I write about dogs,the human-animal connection, and animal assisted therapy. My experience as a retired professional in Health Care Quality and Humane Education Specialist informs my writing. My work has appeared in books, journals, magazines,blogs and print media.

A member of the Dog Writers  Association of America, I am proud to be a past winner of the DWAA Maxwell Award for Best Blog . My new book DOGS IN HEALTH CARE  is about the pioneer dogs of health care and moments in history when the human- animal bond propelled health care forward.

Dogs in Health Care Now Available at McFarlandbooks , at Amazon in paperback and Kindle

About Jill Lenk Schilp

I am a non fiction writer. I write at the intersection of dogs and human health. My canine  partner Junior is a Golden Retriever who is a retired therapy dog and full-time muse. We are proud to say we live in the great state of Texas.  Junior and I are Cub fans and enjoy supporting Golden Retriever Rescue, reading dog stories, and peanut butter- but not necessarily in that order.

Thank you for stopping by my site. After a period of challenges during the pandemic, I have come to a new appreciation of the comfort and support provided to us by our dogs. I hope you have a dog by your side as you read my blog and books, or at least a dog in your heart.

I am working on a new book about more notable pooches and more blog pieces in 2022 and sharing our journey. In the meantime, lets connect and keep our paws up.

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Thanks for stopping by my site.

Peace, Love and Paws Up,

Jill and Junior

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jill’s Blog: where every dog has a story

Books, Writers and Stories Oh My!- A Day at The Lone Star Ink Writers Conference

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“Writing Dog By Dog





The Daily Junior Blog:

I hope you stop over and visit The Daily Junior Blog: On people, animals and mental health. Read  stories of the human-animal connection.  Part mindfulness, part mischief, part peanut butter. Winner of the Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell award.



I was so proud to tell Bellin’s story in my article in Pet Partners Interactions magazine. Meet a rescued Texas Husky who returns the favor.

Pet Partners Interactions Magazine

No Dog Left Behind 

A story about  a Trip Before The Storm , Hurricane Ike, and a Golden Retriever who was not left behind.

Galveston, Texas


Dogs in Health Care: Pioneering Animal -Human Partnerships



Health Data Quest: How To  Find And  Use Data For Performance Improvement

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