Spring at Last!

Hello Again Dear Friends and Followers.

Today I hear Robins in my Texas garden and can see Hyacinths peeking at me from my patio window. Hope has won. And I am back!

We have been through such a long season of darkness, and I am looking forward to a spring filled with hope, renewal, and more human contact. Social distancing and masks will still be the norm for me, although I am so grateful to be one of the lucky ones to be fully vaccinated.

I missed volunteering and service so much this year. I am in a high risk category, so I have not been able to be out and about to do the service roles in volunteering that I so loved. I admit to more than a little writer’s block. Thank goodness for Junior, my golden retriever and colleague, who sustained and supported me through some very dark months filled with loss and longing. 

Good Boy, Junior!

Still, I learned many things. I know now how important personal contact is, no matter how it occurs. Healing comes from unexpected places and takes time.

So with this spring comes new renewal, and once again I will be filling you in as my world and my muse return.

So what am I up to now?


This summer, I will be teaching a virtual continuing education course at the community college, The course is “Meet the Dog Pioneers of Health Care.” The course tells the stories of the dogs throughout history who have been pioneers in health care. Students will travel with the Red Cross or so-called Mercy dogs as they save lives on the battlefield in World War I. We will discuss Sigmund Freud’s chubby chow who joined the great psychiatrist in his consulting room and tell the story of the Collie, who was Florence Nightingale’s first patient. 

We will then meet local pioneering therapy dog teams in a virtual therapy dog visit and learn what they do in our local health care community.

I can’t wait to have those virtual therapy dog visits.


This year I am serving on the Board of the Dog Writers Associaiton of America,(DWAA) the most recognized professional writing association devoted to dogs. One of the best-known features of DWAA is the annual writing contest which encourages excellence in writing about dogs in all aspects of communication. The competition is open to all writers, including young writers. The annual meetings are traditionally held close to the Westminster Kennel Dog Show and present the Maxwell awards to the winners of the writing content. (I am so proud to be a past winner of the Maxwell award for my blog The Daily Junior)

Dog-Gone Good Writers.


As summer draws near, I am looking forward to hosting some long overdue book signings of my book Dogs in Health Care. Watch for event announcements.

Soon I will be telling you more about my new work in progress about the vagabond dogs who rode America’s railroads and their search for home and belonging.

Sit. Stay. Write. A Warm Welcome Back to My Muse

See You Soon

See You Soon,

Jill and


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